Dental clinic «Dental Spa»

The most difficult is to make a choice. Be brave entering the dental clinic «Dental Spa» because your difficult choice has already made. And from the very moment you are in safe hands of the superior quality specialists, the best dentists of Chisinau.

Years of practice and thousands of patients are under their belts. There is nothing impossible to do for them. They are entirely devoted to their work. That’s why they show ultimate responsibility and attentiveness to each patient of our clinic.

At the same time we organize professional development for all our team members by giving them possibility of taking regular part in topical international forums and symposiums.

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Treatment with no pain

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We apply modern kinds of anaesthetization along with old-school and innovative methods of treatment. That’s why we provide painless dental care of maximum efficiency. And it is no coincidence that patients from Italy, Germany, Israel and other countries tend to get to the dental clinic «Dental Spa».

Health of our patients and their ultimate convenience are not merely daily routine point of our specialists. This is the point of honour of any our team’s member and matter of our clinic’s reputation.

We know precisely that up-to-date dental equipment is the barest necessity but not a kind of luxury. We work with the most modern equipment from the best world’s manufacturers. And we make periodical upgrade of equipment as needed.

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Dental clinic «Dental Spa»

We offer absolutely transparent and flexible pricing with step-by-step paying possibility or credit payment. We form individual plan of treatment for any client of clinic «Dental Spa». Our specialists follow the plan inviolately.

Your private manager also keeps abreast of the individual plan always being informed about the progress of treatment. The manager is ready to answer any question patients bring up, at any stage of curing. Such approach allows patients of the clinic «Dental Spa» to get the effective treatment at optimal period.

Dental clinic «Dental Spa» provides all members of your family regardless of age with high-quality treatment. You entrust us with your health. We appreciate your confidence and understand perfectly our responsibility. That’s why we have no margin for error.